In this video we are going over 5 tips for designing effective property brochures. We’ve listed the key points from these tips below:

1. Front Cover Design – Make sure your cover lets the image of the property do the talking – Block off text areas to keep them legible – Use the whole page to maximise the impact of the design

2. Inner Page Layout – Design for double-page spread but keep in mind how the single pages will look individually – Consider the flow of the two pages and how the user will use the document

3. Page Hierarchy – Consider which elements should stand out and draw attention first – Use size, colour and contrast to bring out certain elements and guide your users through the document

4. Images – Consider retouching images to make them stand out and appeal to the audience – Property images should be light and attractive for best results

5. Exporting – Make sure images are set up for print or web correctly – Proof the whole document to make sure there’ll be no issues when printed or published online